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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Feature Films:

"We Die Young" (2018) Directed by Lior Geller

"Hamalchina" (2017) Directed by Alon Noiman

"Lady Titi" (2017) Directed by Esti Almo Vexsler

"Atomic Falafel" (2015) Directed by Dror Shaul.

"Pension  Prucht" (2013) Directed by Tamar Yarom.
"Windows 2000" (2013) Directed by Aialy Yaacov.
"Blank Bullet" (2012) Directed by Haim Buzaglo
Winner at the film festival 2012 at Syracuse, New York for best editing & best Feature film.

"Rock The kasba" (2010) Edit the rough-cut
"Kirot" aka "The Assassin Next Door" (2009) Directed by Danny Lerner.
"Frozen Days" (2005) Directed by Danny Lerner.
Winner at the Haifa film Festival for best Film

Nominated at the AFI award
"La Herencia" (2003) Directed by Victor Brown.
Nominee in a category as best drama film in the Israeli academy

TV Series:

"Insta Beib" (2018) Directed by Eitan Shmoelof

"The Station" (2018) 

"Metomtemet" (2016) Directed by Shay Capon.

"Hostages Season 2" (2015) Directed by Rotem Shamir & Omri Givon

"Earth & Sky" (2015) Directed by Asi Tzovel

"Srugim" (2008) Directed by Lazy Shapira for “YES”
Nominee in a category as best editing in the Israeli academy 2009 awards
Winner as best drama film in the Israeli academy 2009 awards
"Hazuya" (2010) Supervisor of editing team, season 2, Directed by zion Rubin for "Hot"
"How Song Is Born" (2011) a Children series based on “The 16th lamb” Directed by Shira Geffen
"Visit Home" Documentry series(2013) Directed by Shaul Betzer

Drama & Shorts:

"Yaffa 11" (2019) Directed by hassan Kaden.

"Letters to god" (2019) Directed by Yevs Cohen.

"Tismonet Hamavet Haleili" (2019) Diredted by Oren Gvili.

"Leftovers" (2016) Directed by Yael Zafrir.

"Behind the Line" (2016) Directed by Nadav Shlomo.

Winner for Best Shoet Film in the Stony Brook Film Festival 2017

"Schnitzel" (2013) Directed by Asaf Epshtein.
"Dina and Noel" (2013) Directed by Nataly Melamed ana Sivan Levy.
compete in the Berlinale film festival. 2013
"Where the sky end" (2013) Directed by Gilad Cohen & Jeki Berman.

Compete the Haifa international film festival - Winner of the Haifa best short film Award.

"Somewere" (2012) - Directed by Michal Zilberman.

"Corporal Daniel" (2012) - Directed by Guy Naor.

Compete the 26th Haifa international film festival for short film contest.

"Night Shift" (2011)  Directed by Slava Lassov.

"Once there was a girl" (2011) Directed by Nataly Kaplan.

"Secured Space (2008) - Directed by Oren Gvili.
Compete the 24th  Haifa international film festival - Winner of the Haifa Art Foundation Award.
Winner of the Israeli Academy Award for best TV Drama 2009.
Compete the 44th Karlovy Vary IFF, compete on the Forum of Independents.
12th San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Compete the Nashville Film Festival in New Directors Competition.
Compete the 2010 Mexico International Film Festival - Winner of the Bronze Palm Award.
"Sisyphus" Directed by Liron Levo. (8 min)
"Musical Chair" Directed by Ami Livne.
"No Small Parts" Directed by Oren Shkedi.
"Blocked" Directed by Shirly Berkovitz.
"Birthday" Directed by Shirly Nadav.
"The Dark Side" Directed by Tal Keller. (me)


"Temporary Job" (2009) Directed by Ami Livne.
"Rendezvous" (2007) Directed by Yaron Meiri.
The film was screened in “MOMA” (Museum of modern Art, New york & in an Israeli museum- “ Biet Reuven”

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