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Windows (2013)

Writing & Directed by:
Ayali Ya'acov





The film takes place in the city of Tel Aviv, Ayali's home town, in which he tries to follow the lives of the city's lovers. The movie Windows is constructed from a series of short stories about love. Different couples of around 50 years of age, a different couple each time, stand by a window in a room, illuminated by Tel Aviv's brutal summer sun, and one member of the couple wants to walk out the door. The film reveals them as they stand and look out the window and say something about their lives. In these moments of introspection they either look deeply and warmly into themselves or conduct a superficial, irritated soul-search; both come from deep in their hearts. They refuse to let go of their anger, they refuse to let go of their truth, they can't even agree on the weather.Yet this is a film about love - because the protagonists love one another. One scene after another, with different actors each time, except for the opening scene Into the Potty and the final scene Into a Bottle. Both of these scenes feature a man named Asher, once with his baby boy and once with his dying father; the dialogue in the two scenes is nearly identical. These lives aren't flushed with blood and passion, they're pale from the routine and hushed with restraint. Yet this is life in the beautiful city on the shore of the Mediterranean.


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